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 Renaissance Dice Bag!

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Renaissance Dice Bag! Empty
PostSubject: Renaissance Dice Bag!   Renaissance Dice Bag! EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 2:22 pm

Yeah, it's leather. A friend up and gave me a bunch of Deer Suede from the Indian Trading Post. "Sorry Mr. Deer. Somebody killed you. I will make something lovely from your remnants, so that you may live on forever (well as long as it lasts anyway)." .... and so I did. Oh my am I ever proud of this. It's sooo pretty. Basically I tried to make the renaissance/medieval version of the Crown Royal bag of such fame and prestige among Dorks the world over (or in the least the country over?)
Renaissance Dice Bag! Openba10

Renaissance Dice Bag! Dbag10

This wasn't the plan originally, but I rather like the accordion top. It helps shape the bag when closed.
Renaissance Dice Bag! Accord10

I want to make a belt loop and hang it thru that section of rope.
Renaissance Dice Bag! Belt_l10

And there she is all sittin' pretty!
Renaissance Dice Bag! D-bags11

My boyfriend got all excited and decided we're gonna start a company called "D Bags" ....I'm pretty sure he's kidding about the D Bags part. I can never tell with him....
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Renaissance Dice Bag!
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