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 This crazy Wedding thing....

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This crazy Wedding thing.... Empty
PostSubject: This crazy Wedding thing....   This crazy Wedding thing.... EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 5:52 pm

First of all: Boy did those save the dates turn out different than I had planned. Which obviously is for the better. The concept on the other one was good, but my execution was for crap. That's what I get I suppose for continuing to use Windows Paint for this sort of thing.... I still only used Paint, but I used a World of Warcraft screenshot so .... went much smoother! Hooray. So does anyone still go on here? It's been a while, and I didn't check EVERY topic, but the ones I did look at didn't seem to have any new posts! Whut up folks? Did we all move to somewhere else? Cuz damn, but do I have a shit ton of tutorials to link! And I'm going to make my own blouse to go with my wedding dress (An under bust apron dress kinda needs a top, eh?!), and will probably need some advice and such on that. I joined offbeat bride, but I feel like this is the place to ask my sewing questions!
Our theme is Enchanted Forest. I'm going to make giant tissue paper free standing flowers and Mushrooms. and other pom pom hanging flowers as well perhaps. I bought twinkle lights and will make egg carton flowers to attach to those... I went crazy on Pinterest and there are many more tutorials I want to test out. I suppose I will check back in a few days and see if there are any views of this. If so, then I will keep at it and post stuff here.

I was going to post some pictures, but alas it seems I have forgotten how. I'll be back.

Until then here's a link for the save the dates...

Hope all are well and still kickin round on this forum! I'm super excited and super stressed about this wedding rigmarole, and totally willing to share my exploits if there's anyone who will want to see 'em!
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This crazy Wedding thing....
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