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 Gyoza from LovelyZillas post!

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PostSubject: Gyoza from LovelyZillas post!   Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:07 pm

After talking to LovelyZilla about her homemade gyoza, I finally got up the guts to make them myself Smile I used exactly the same recipe she did, minus the miso paste and chili flakes(?), except for I used chives instead of green onion and all 9 oz. of pork instead of a 50/50 pork/beef mix. I was worried that the beef would be too fatty. I bought a package of wonton wrappers that I cut into circles by tracing a wine glass (you can see the wrapper scraps in the glass in the picture tongue )

Making potstickers!

I didn't have too much trouble pleating the gyoza, it just seemed to come naturally. Of course, there were some exceptions Embarassed .

My first pleating job

And... All done!

When I cooked them, I had a bit of trouble with the steaming stage because while i was looking over the recipe, my mind saw 11/2 cups of water rather than just 1/2. I had to drain the water out rather than let it boil out.


and plated! (this isn't all 40, by the way)

I was the only one who actually ate with chopsticks, my parents don't know how Smile I made the sauce without chili oil because our store didn't carry it. I didn't like the sauce at all but my mom loved it. My dad actually really liked my gyoza considering he made it blatantly clear he "doesn't like potstickers".
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Gyoza from LovelyZillas post!
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