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 What did you buy today ? [HANDMADE Edition!]

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PostSubject: What did you buy today ? [HANDMADE Edition!]   Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:33 am

Did you just get something handmade?
Today? Or this week?
Or very recently and you just wanna show off?!

--> Pictures required! (Unless you don't have a camera or a webcam, then DRAW IT! ...or not, it's understandable) Razz
--> Try not to quote images (either delete the image tag or just leave the link) to keep it clean Wink
--> Pimpin' a handmade shop is okay ! Reviews about the seller is probably good for others, too !


I bought this a while ago on etsy from Hydra Heart, and I finally got it in the mail last week:

They're handmade, vegan, and so awesome !
I was pretty worried about the seller, actually. I had favorited the item for probably a year, and finally decided that I was NEVER gonna be able to make my own shoes (well, I tried, and I never got quite what I wanted). I was worried, mainly cause I ended up reading the reviews about wrong sizing, long waits, etc. Her waiting period is 3-5 weeks, and I did get mine 4 weeks later! The worksmanship is great, but they are slippers. I felt that buying the threaded sole would make the ballet flats look weird, but it might be a good idea. To compromise the thinness of the soles, I had an extra pair of Dr Schol's inserts and put that in Razz Totally works for me, haha !

Your turn !
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PostSubject: Re: What did you buy today ? [HANDMADE Edition!]   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:00 am

*cough cough* toootally wore this today. *cough* yesterday.

Blue tunic top- Wearhouse one
Green Tank top- Wearhouse one
Jean skirt- I made it
tights- Walmart
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What did you buy today ? [HANDMADE Edition!]
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