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 Yay, forum time!

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PostSubject: Yay, forum time!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:28 am

Hi all,

I'm so happy you made this forum Corinne, there is nothing more exciting then a crafting community! sunny

My name is Steffi, I'm 39 and have a 6 year old daugther. 3 years ago we moved from Germany to Holland to be with her dad/my boyfriend because long distance relationships suck! Evil or Very Mad
I'm really happy here in Holland, great country, great relaxed people here Smile

I got into crafting only about 2 years ago so I'm still a total noob, but crafting in all forms means so much to me. It's the best way for me to focus my thoughts, to relax, to feel proud of the things I craft, to get those creative vibes out of my system and so on, like one of my favorite singers OTEP always says, Art saves I love you

I'm TOTALLY into reconstructing clothes and want to advance my sewing skills while doing so.
I have great respect for the material I work with and am always afraid to make the first cut Embarassed
What really pisses me off is when I see people in clothins stores that just throw clothes on the floor, bunch them up into a ball and put them back on the shelf or don't pick them up when they dropped something. Have some respect! I want to tell them. For the designer and especially for the material that has been used, its resources that came from our nice planet! I'm just a bit odd that way.

Furthermore am I a complete sucker for accessoires, I LOVE to make jewlery, bags and scarves.
I wish I had more limbs to show of jewlery!

So, enough rambling, I'm looking forward to share my crafting passion with you all and get inspired by what you all come up with! sunny


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PostSubject: Re: Yay, forum time!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:45 am

I can't wait to see what you post!
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Corinne Leigh
Corinne Leigh

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PostSubject: Re: Yay, forum time!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:29 pm

Thanks Steffi! I am really excited Laughing

It pisses me off when people do that too (drop clothes on the floor and not pick them up). I usually go over and put them back on the hanger while giving them an evil eye. Evil or Very Mad haha

xoxo c
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PostSubject: Re: Yay, forum time!   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:41 am

Welcome Steffi!
I'm glad to hear your happy with your bf and want to now expand your sewing skills!! That's so awsome to hear cuz even if your an old pro, you can still learn new tricks and tips!
I'd love to see what kind of accesories you make...I love making bags tooo! Eeek!!! lol
Hope to see more of you hun:)

I will be re-opening my Etsy shop soon! Finally... yay yay! cherry
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PostSubject: Re: Yay, forum time!   

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Yay, forum time!
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